Feb 212012

I found myself in a situation where I use ssh to remotely connect to Solaris or Linux server from a Windows7 OS. After been connected I had the problem of not been able to use the arrow keys to navigate up and down in the command line history.

Feb 082011

In the end Oracle is killing me softly but surely with their absolute need to profit anything including Solaris error message and updates. In today’s world we constantly needs security updates because of flaws, so why one would not take credit for their bad programming skill, bugs or refuse to provide patches and even worst denies us to see incomplete error messages we received from the OS?!

A lot of people are upset at Oracle with all the bad they are doing to Sun’s legacy. I would love to complain about Oracle to them but they won’t even listen! I now thing they just don’t care. What are they doing to Solaris support? I can’t do much except blog about it because none of the local Oracle staff care or can do much.

Oct 182010

Yes samba can be compiled on Solaris 10. Yes it’s sometime difficult. This post will be on x86 architecture. I have discussed a similar topic in a previous post on SPARC architecture. Again I am here compiling and updating it to a newer version of Samba and still having some issue.

Even I need to re-read my posts whenever I compile Samba… it never seem to work as it should… and here I am writing a new post about it!

Aug 252010

Network card aggregation with Linux RHEL 5.x, (also called port bounding). It mean the merging of two network card into one single virtual (bond0) card. This is non exhaustive information, a mini how-to. for more detail see this link.

Jun 032010

I was recently involved in a discussion related to open source technologies for electronic embedded systems. Apparently not as “open” at it may seem and people suddenly got frantic about that.

May 282010

Here is a start-up script for a flexlm license based software.

Using the start option the script will call itself only to start the daemon as a limited right user called flexlm, it will (switch users) with su. While the startsu will simply start it as the actual current user.

May 272010

Have you seen this error:   ” libc.so.1: version SUNW_1.22 not found ” ?  Yes, then I may have a better solution then a migration…

May 202010

I will use this tribune to invite you to join the “Montreal & Quebec – Embedded Systems Jobs Association”. This group’s mandate is basically there to share your experience, successes and woes in trying to find a job in the field of embedded systems in QC. Should this group become more and more popular, job posting shall arise as well.

May 202010

Hi everyone !

My name is Luc Filion, I am a member of the Microelectronic Research Group since 2000 first as a student myself, then research associate for starting up the Space Codesign project and as lecturer as well. Nowadays I work in the consulting field, aiming my interests in the fields of embedded systems design, embedded software, electronic system level and virtual prototyping.

Apr 232010

This post discusses how to duplicate Solaris 10 boot environment (BE) and how it is possible to Apply the recommended patches (10_Recommended.zip) on that duplicated inactive boot environment. So called “Applying Solaris 10 recommended patches to inactive boot environment”.

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