Dec 082009

When I first use Email encryptor (originally written by Jim Tucek’s) I was so happy to have find a way to block spam bot with some encryption. Then it was taken down (see story by Dan Appleman), so it left us and many developers high and dry – especially when we needed to add new Email addresses to existing sites. It took a bit of research, and found the same thing was redone by Dan Appelman.

We are pleased to present yet another copy of this Email encryptor that will work with existing code. This was re-written by Dan Appleman on his blog I was duplicated has I could the same functionality on our site because no way we can lose this code so we won’t be able to generate more email. Here is another copy to make sure it’s never lost again.

Basically it a ways to store on a web page several email address into a encrypted JavaScript so it can be decripted on the fly to be displayed to human eye only. No spam bots will be able to read the email address. It’s another protection against spammers that uses spam bot to find email address.

Fallow this link to the page and instructions.:

And then you could check more information about the email Encryptor on this about page.

And, finally we would like to thank Dan Appleman for his post about this and his permission to duplicate some of his work about the email encryptor right here.

Finally I must says that the best way not to get email caught by spammers or spam-bot is to not give it away. Simply add a form to be filled with a cgi action script and if you use WordPress just add the Fast and Secure Contact Form plugin.


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