Jul 082013

I have been using WP for several years. I updated WP for that many years. And still I am no expert with WP but I am an expert with network protocols and several flavor of Unix including Solaris and Linux, and Windows… And then just recently I found out I was no longer able to go to my WP admin panel… blog/wp-admin/ ! Damn !

I checked every where and found several thread talking about such issues. thread 1,thread 2thread 3.

I also found in my log this error :

PHP Warning: require_once(./wp-load.php) [function.require
]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in admin.php on line 30, referer: http://panoramicsolution.com/blog/wp-login.php


I was able to fix (or patch) my issue by replacing line 30 of wp-admin/admin.php replacing this line :

require_once(dirname(dirname(__FILE__)) . ‘/wp-load.php’);

with this line (in my case this is the full path) :

require_once( ‘/home/webmaster/WEB/PS/blog/wp-load.php’);

This whole situation does not make sense. I have several backup of everything (I can actually ZFS rollback to anywhere in time).

I went back several months (up to where all was working fine) I stopped all service and reverted files to a prior state :

– On the Worpress installed files: error still occurred.
– On my MySQL database: error still occurred.
– On my Apache http install: error still occurred.
– On php install: error still occurred.
– On all of the above: error still occurred.

I even install a brand new WordPress 3.5.1 with a new database. Once configured with install.php went to wp-admin and still nothing works.

I am very confused by where this problem come from. I thought it could come from a plugin or a theme but then the new installation remove this possibility.

For now I can only conclude it’s not from my side so a file must be loaded from WordPress{.org|.com} that crash our installation!

Anyone has another idea or know what causes that issue?

PS: I also posted that on http://wordpress.org/support/topic/php-warning-require_oncewp-loadphp-failed-to-open-stream-no-such-file and found out that esmi is an ass of a moderator.


Again hope this help.


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