Mar 242010

Following my previous blog about “Creating Raid5 under Linux RHEL5.4 using md, lvm and ext4 filesystem.”

I will add some information on how to test if the raid actually does work well. Here is how I did it.

Mar 102010

Here is all the information you will need to create a Raid-5 under Linux with an to create an ext4 partition using LVM or not. I will also add all the commands to create a Volume Group (LVM).

More information: I should first mention that I use a RHEL 5.4 like distribution. RHEL 5.4 means “Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4” it can also be “Scientific Linux 5.4” or “CentOS 5.4” since both those Linux distributions are the exact same to RHEL, only they are recompiled from its freely available source. RHEL is not free since you need to paid for license and/or support while the other two are free. Per Linux license Red Hat has to make their source available. It was also successfully tested on RHEL 5.5

Plain and simple you will first need to select a computer add several disks of your choice. I used 1.5TB SATA-3 drive speeding at 300 MB/s. I installed them in a Dell T610 server which has hot swappable disk bracket on the front.

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