Feb 262016

Well if you find yourself here it’s probably because you are trying to compile PHP 5.6.x on Solaris 10 and have errors. I myself struggle with this for the last few days because I wanted to compile it with as many modules as I can and I was using previous config. I will provide the full configure command I used and all requirements. Tested with 5.6.18 &  5.6.19.

Apr 152014

I have been using Samba 3 for years… used it as a PDC for Windows XP to Windows 7. I principally use it to get my Unix/Linux (NIS/YP) users the ability to log in to the Windows box. I was willing to give Samba 4 a try. I wanted to use it as a PDC, now called AD/DC (Active Directory/Domain Controler), to permit login into Windows 8.x PC. So here his the story of the download of Samba 4.1.x source – it’s compilation and it’s configuration on RHEL 6.5.

Jul 082013

I have been using WP for several years. I updated WP for that many years. And still I am no expert with WP but I am an expert with network protocols and several flavor of Unix including Solaris and Linux, and Windows… And then just recently I found out I was no longer able to go to my WP admin panel… blog/wp-admin/ ! Damn !

Dec 082009

When I first use Email encryptor (originally written by Jim Tucek’s) I was so happy to have find a way to block spam bot with some encryption. Then it was taken down (see story by Dan Appleman), so it left us and many developers high and dry – especially when we needed to add new Email addresses to existing sites. It took a bit of research, and found the same thing was redone by Dan Appelman.

Nov 192009

I knew blogging existed for a while but never got into it. Well voila! Been an IT professional (network and system administrator for more than 17 year), I found myself a bit lazy when it came to new and latest web technology, always thought it was like fashion… It might change to fast.

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