Jun 032010

I was recently involved in a discussion related to open source technologies for electronic embedded systems. Apparently not as “open” at it may seem and people suddenly got frantic about that.

May 202010

I will use this tribune to invite you to join the “Montreal & Quebec – Embedded Systems Jobs Association”. This group’s mandate is basically there to share your experience, successes and woes in trying to find a job in the field of embedded systems in QC. Should this group become more and more popular, job posting shall arise as well.

May 202010

Hi everyone !

My name is Luc Filion, I am a member of the Microelectronic Research Group since 2000 first as a student myself, then research associate for starting up the Space Codesign project and as lecturer as well. Nowadays I work in the consulting field, aiming my interests in the fields of embedded systems design, embedded software, electronic system level and virtual prototyping.

Nov 192009

Hello all and welcome to PanoramicSolution.com’s Blog!

Here is a first blog about us. We are a team of individual with high qualification each in our domain. We want to merge here only to share information that we are best at.

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