Feb 262016

Well if you find yourself here it’s probably because you are trying to compile PHP 5.6.x on Solaris 10 and have errors. I myself struggle with this for the last few days because I wanted to compile it with as many modules as I can and I was using previous config. I will provide the full configure command I used and all requirements. Tested with 5.6.18 &  5.6.19.

Apr 152014

I have been using Samba 3 for years… used it as a PDC for Windows XP to Windows 7. I principally use it to get my Unix/Linux (NIS/YP) users the ability to log in to the Windows box. I was willing to give Samba 4 a try. I wanted to use it as a PDC, now called AD/DC (Active Directory/Domain Controler), to permit login into Windows 8.x PC. So here his the story of the download of Samba 4.1.x source – it’s compilation and it’s configuration on RHEL 6.5.

Mar 252014

Having this error on a brand new install on fedora 20 I searched disparately on forums and on bugzilla.redhat.com… I found a bunch of posts about patching fedora 15 but none was relevant since I was using Fedora 20 and I had an updated version of ypbind…

Jul 082013

I have been using WP for several years. I updated WP for that many years. And still I am no expert with WP but I am an expert with network protocols and several flavor of Unix including Solaris and Linux, and Windows… And then just recently I found out I was no longer able to go to my WP admin panel… blog/wp-admin/ ! Damn !

Jul 082013

While it’s very easy to use ZFS we sometime forget that we need to replace faulted disks. Here is a quicky to remember the commands works.
Here is some very basic information on the required steps. I also added infos about zfs boot rpool.

Apr 302013

Life just got better! It’s so nice I need to share this with you guys.

What do you know about file systems? Do you know ZFS?
– No: I suggest you learn it quickly 😉
– Yes: but only on Solaris or FreeBSD… Well the big news is NO MORE it’s now available on Linux.

Jan 152013

Access to Flexlm license server via a SSH tunnel  with port forwarding is possible but require you to do some tweak in Windows or Linux client.

Using SSH or OpenSSH for Windows or Linux  is easy to create a port forwarding. Let say we want to forward all requests to a  remote server license port but pass all requests via  a local port. We will then create a local port 2300 on the localhost and forward it requests to the remote server’s license port. This can be done like this…

Aug 312012

Well this post will be very fast. Seagate sata disk 1.5TB or 2 TB are bad out of the box. The quality of those disk are horrible. I bought 10 disks I replace one every month. ZFS check so weel the disks that it see too many errors to quickly… as oppose to ntfs filesystem on windows that will never check for error while running.

The case below show a brand new disk been inserted into a ZFS pool that even while resilversing (reconstructing the zpool array) fails. It’s not an exception in the last 6 month I inserted 5-6 disks that failed just more or less one month of usage.

Aug 122012

Let’s review how to configure network interface on Solaris 10 (x86 version or sparc). This is what I want to do:

  1. First, I would like to aggregate two network interfaces so it will become one. More bandwidth available and a fail-over will be in place.
  2. Second, I want to add virtual interfaces so I would have dedicated IP address for some services. (Examples: web servers, a NFS server, a Samba server, DNS, Sendmail, …).
Mar 292012

Network card aggregation with Linux RHEL 6.x, (also called Port bounding or Channel Bonding) it mean the merging of two (or more) network card into one single virtual card (bond0 in this case). This is a non exhaustive information, a mini how-to. For more detail see Redhat documentation. Changes were made between RHEL 5.x and 6.x — here is an updated version.

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